Barefoot Running Segment:

GlobalTV, September 14th, 2010

Tuja Wellness Article on Barefoot Running : tuja wellness is your online guide to finding the best-of-the-best health and wellness vendors across Canada. Essentially, we’ve done your homework. article on Coach Jeff:

“While we don’t have the budget to interview our B>U features personally (yet), I can still feel the energy, enthusiasm and feisty personality of Running Coach Jeff Stapleton through our virtual communication. But, if I had to run up to Ontario, Canada to interview Coach Jeff Stapleton I would have to run up there in feet of bare or he would kick my rear (with his bare feet).” Presents - Jeff Stapleton

Jeff is Canada's top barefoot running coach, and in this interview will discuss the benefits of training and running barefoot, the results he has gotten with his runners and other athletes, some of the technical aspects of teaching efficient and safe barefoot running including his squat and scoot method, and establishing the proper muscle firing patterns. Jeff also talks about Barefoot Science technology and why its a 'must' when wearing shoes.